Social Media, Technology, Fashion oh my…

It’s always best to write about what you know. So with that in mind… first post.

Here’s what I know: fashion changes from season to season, technology is a little quicker, more like day-to-day and social media, well that’s here and now thanks to sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Internet marketing is also the way now with the help of those social networking sites I mentioned.

Companies are just recently realizing that Facebook and Twitter are the way to go if they want business and trust me, they do. Take for example, the company I chose while completing my Masters in Internet Marketing. Throughout the year, I would hand in assignments saying what this company needed to do: promote the company via Facebook and Twitter, formulate an e-mail campaign that introduced new products to consumers, introduce a blog on the site, use Facebook to offer previews on product lines and allow consumers the opportunity to purchase using that link on Facebook. This all led to the final thesis paper: an Internet Marketing Plan and wouldn’t you know, the company is just now starting to do all that.

Just goes to show how fast social media is taking form. Oh and by the way, in case you were wondering, I got an A on my thesis. Goes to show you I know my stuff.



One response to “Social Media, Technology, Fashion oh my…

  1. Hey, Good luck with your blog.
    I would be really intersted in reading your thesis, if that’s possible…


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